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In the following lines, I will give a brief introduction to what you can expect in the next chapters and what else is to come in the future.

Basically, the whole story is about me: my experiences, dreams, and possible future prospects. I can tell you in advance that much of it will sound quite crazy. Some might even argue that I urgently need therapy. I partially agree, but not in all respects. I struggle daily to realize my dreams. Although I pursue these goals consistently, I have a lot to work through from my past, for which I have sought professional help.

Perhaps some of you will also recognize yourselves in it. Many in my circle of friends struggle with similar things, but each of them handles it differently. The important thing is to learn to deal with your fears and not try to suppress or give in to them.

By no means do I consider myself a therapist, and my goal is not to show you how to deal with these challenges. That’s something everyone has to decide for themselves. I just want to say that you are not alone if you struggle with fears, and you should not be ashamed of it.

Back to the essentials: In the chapters, it’s about how I hit rock bottom, as deep as it could go, and everything changed overnight just because I suddenly had strange dreams. That may not sound so exciting at first, but my story has already inspired some people to see the world with different eyes. Most people see the world as quite gray and lonely. But if you look closely at the treasures the world holds and just muster the courage, it can hold incredibly beautiful things for you.

Basically, no one should ever stop dreaming.

I also want to tell you that writing this story was absolutely not easy. Many emotions came up during the writing, and I naturally pondered a lot. The most important question I constantly asked myself was, „Is this really right?“ But my heart always showed me the right way. Only sometimes I didn’t listen to it, which led to even more unnecessary complications.

With my story, I want to largely stick to the truth – as I see it. I also frequently sought advice from my best friends, who are the two most different people you can imagine. Just to hear their opinion on how everything sounds. I often tried to remain as objective as possible, but sometimes I simply couldn’t hide my emotions. Additionally, I had to stay true to myself because it’s my story that I and no one else is writing.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t have the desired effect of understanding how I felt and what I wanted to express. But I think I found the perfect mix of everything.

Very often, really insanely often, I was ready to give up everything because I let myself be convinced how completely crazy it all would be. Yes, it is! Absolutely! Nevertheless, I continue to pursue my goals, and that includes publishing my story. After publishing, a lot will change again, but that’s no problem. I’ll deal with it.

Huge obstacles were constantly thrown in my way. Just when I was close to my goal and thought, „Finally, I did it!“, some bombshell would come along, forcing me to change all my plans again. That will keep happening, but I won’t give up. Hope dies last! I haven’t come this far to give up everything because of such things. Not as long as I can still think clearly and use all my limbs.

I too will eventually have THAT happy ending everyone wishes for. The important thing is that I don’t let myself be misled by external influences.

At this point, I want to thank my best friends again and everyone who helped me in major crises, no matter how.