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Hey you! Yes, you!

I will do my best with the following lines to give you as much motivation as I possibly can! For now, I’ll primarily focus on the topic: realizing dreams.

No matter what dreams you have, no matter what wishes or goals – nothing is impossible!

Let’s start with the points why many people in this world don’t make their dreams come true.

Fear of failure.
The fear of failure is one of the most common barriers that prevent people from pursuing their dreams. They fear that they might not achieve their goals and that they would ultimately be considered unsuccessful or inadequate.

The path to realizing dreams and goals is often fraught with uncertainty. People might fear what could happen if their plans don’t develop as expected, leading to feelings of uncertainty and hesitation.

The opinion of others. The fear of other people’s opinions can cause people to hesitate in pursuing their dreams. They fear what their family, friends, or society in general might think about their goals and are concerned about criticism or rejection.

Pursuing dreams and goals often requires changes in life and the willingness to step out of the comfort zone. People might fear engaging in changes and facing the associated challenges.

Self-doubt and low self-esteem.
Self-doubt and low self-esteem can prevent people from believing in themselves and their abilities. They may not consider themselves worthy enough to pursue their dreams and doubt whether they can be successful at all.

The comfort zone.
People may feel safe in their comfort zone and hesitate to leave it to pursue their dreams. The thought of change and the unknown can be frightening, and they may prefer to hold onto familiar but perhaps unfulfilling situations.

Do you recognize yourself? Or have you possibly had such thoughts before?
If you find yourself in these thoughts right now – try to look at it differently.
Because in all these points, there is also something positive.

The fear of failure could motivate you to work hard to achieve your goals.
As a result, you could be even more motivated to fight harder to ensure your success and learn from your mistakes to be more successful in your next attempt!

The uncertainty of the path can be a source of inspiration to develop new skills and grow.
You could learn to adapt to the changes and become more flexible, which ultimately strengthens not only your adaptability but also your resilience!

The fear of others‘ opinions could motivate you to pursue your goals with even greater commitment and defend your conviction.
You could learn to be more confident and care less about the opinions of others, leading to a greater sense of authenticity and self-confidence!

Self-doubt and low self-esteem could motivate you to work on your self-development.
You could learn to develop self-compassion and acknowledge your own strengths and abilities, leading to a greater sense of self-acceptance and self-love!

Leaving the comfort zone could encourage you to have new experiences and fulfill your full potential.
You could learn to be more courageous and take risks, leading to a more fulfilling and varied life!

Do you understand what I mean?

It’s not wrong that you’re afraid! Everyone is afraid!
It’s just important for you to know that your fear should never prevent you from realizing your dreams! Never!
But to internalize that, my previous words probably won’t be enough for you. So read on carefully!

The ability to visualize your goals with vivid emotions activates your inner resources and programs your subconscious mind for success. By connecting clear mental images with strong emotional bonds, you create an inner drive that aligns your actions and decisions with your dreams.
In other words – do you see it in front of your eyes? Do you feel all the emotions during this success very clearly? Then it can become reality!

I realize that the majority of people in your circle say that your dreams and goals are risky and crazy.
That you should slow down, stay in reality, and just find a normal job instead of pursuing this madness.
Believe me, everyone who is currently pursuing their dreams or has already achieved them knows such words!
But it’s important for you to know that you should never listen to these people!

You want to fly to the moon? Then do it!
You want to become president? Then do it!
You want to build a spaceship that has never existed before? Then do it!
You want to invent a toilet in a briefcase? Then do it!
You want to invent something that allows us to hear animals talk? Then do it!
You want to develop a magic bean that grows so high that you can climb into space with it? Then do it!

Nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible!
Do you have any idea how much has happened on this planet that everyone once thought was impossible?

Think of Michael Jordan, the famous basketball player, who always emphasizes: „I have missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. 26 times I was entrusted with the decisive shot, and I missed. I have failed over and over again in my life. And that’s why I have become successful.“
Michael Jordan was repeatedly judged, no one believed that he would ever be successful. But he did. Exactly that he did!

Elon Musk.
He risked his entire fortune and was on the verge of bankruptcy when his companies were doomed to failure.
But he didn’t give up!
He kept fighting, and today his companies are revolutionizing space travel and the automotive industry!
Would anyone ever have thought or expected that of him? Definitely not! Nevertheless, he did it!

Humanity’s greatest achievements have arisen from dreams that were initially considered impossible.
The invention of the airplane, the moon landing, the cure for diseases – all these things once seemed unattainable.
But through the tireless efforts of people who refused to give up, they became reality!

Of course, there are also all sorts of „little things“ that were also considered impossible.
Look around you. EVERYTHING you see was once considered insanely impossible to create!
Yet this person continued to fight and made it possible!
Some things in your environment you may see as „taken for granted.“ But there was a time when people considered such things mere wishful thinking!

It is really important that you engrave in your mind that every wish can come true, no matter how trivial that thought may seem.

But it’s also important for you to know that motivation comes and goes!
You are the only person in this world who must believe in yourself and your abilities!

As soon as you start pursuing your dreams and goals, your life will change radically.
People will come and go.
You will get hurt.
People will try to tear out your soul so that you conform to society and stop dreaming.
Some will seemingly put insurmountable obstacles in your way, dig huge pits for you, or trip you up.
There will also be some people who will try over and over again to talk you out of all your plans, with words like: „You can’t do that anyway! You don’t have the necessary knowledge for that! That’s not your league! No one likes what you’re doing! No one will care! That’s childish! You lack the necessary discipline for that!“
And so on…
I cannot emphasize it enough… They are all wrong!!!!!!!
But you alone are responsible for proving that your dreams and goals are not impossible!
A little tip on the side: Surround yourself with people who are more successful than you!
Because those are the people who will strengthen you, no matter what you have set out to do!

Since my childhood, I have always heard phrases over and over again that I would never achieve the things I set out to do.
In school, I constantly had bad grades. Was I dumb because of that? No! I simply had other priorities!
I was bullied by everyone in my circle for many years. I am not good enough, I am too fat, I am ugly, I am dumb. But they were all wrong! No one would ever have expected, or would expect, that I would ever achieve my goals. Neither my family nor friends. Not a single one!
But today I can proudly tell you that I have already achieved many goals!

In 2021, I was ready to die. I could and did not want to anymore.
I lost faith in humanity, the world, and above all in myself.
It was the moment when I believed all these sayings that I was neither intelligent enough or anything else to achieve my goals.
These people stole my soul, threw it to the ground, and trampled on it. And they visibly enjoyed it.
But then came the day when my world changed radically!
Suddenly I looked at everything with different eyes. Finally, I saw the beauty that life has to offer and enjoyed every second I could breathe!
I truly began to dream!
Before, I only had wishful thinking.
I wished some situations had gone differently. That I had acted differently. That I had started something earlier.
Do you notice something? I was stuck in the past.
And that doesn’t count as dreaming!
Suddenly I dreamed of exploring the world. To get in touch with certain people. To write a book. To get my desired figure. And so on.
So I finally looked forward and left the past behind!
Of course, I didn’t forget the past. But I no longer wallowed in it, but learned from all my mistakes!
Mistakes or failures are nothing bad! Everyone has to internalize that!
You have to learn not to give up just because you made a mistake, or this attempt – whether it’s the first or the hundredth – didn’t work out! Seriously!
Perseverance must be your top priority!
Start developing discipline, because nothing works overnight.
Or do you think a mobile phone was a success on the first try? Making a plastic bottle? Baking bread? No!
All of this took time until it really worked!
Like I said, you must not give up! Never! Under no circumstances!
No matter how rocky your path will be!

Have you ever thought that you don’t see these visions before your eyes without reason?
Believe me – everything that happens in this world has a reason!

And a well-meant piece of advice to you: Don’t try to explain to someone why you dream of something, why you want to achieve exactly this goal, in what way you want to achieve it, and so on.
No one in this world sees your dreams the way you do!
Only you have this exact vision before your eyes, and only you are able to make it come true!

Let’s take a silly example of a situation I once had in my job.
The boss suggested rearranging a shelf so that certain products would be highlighted more because they were often overlooked by customers.
Instinctively, I had a clear idea of how I wanted to rebuild it.
However, I was interrupted in the middle of my task and was supposed to pass it on to a colleague. I explained to him how I imagined it. However, the result was completely different.
Do you understand what I mean by that?
No one but you sees it the way you do!
So you can’t expect anyone to understand.
So it’s your job to put this idea into action!

There are four more points that I would like to give you on your way, which each of us must/should learn if he wants to make his dream come true.

Each of us has our own battles to fight, our dreams to fulfill.
Don’t be a spectator in the game of life, but become a warrior who bravely fights for his goals.
Even if the road is rocky and the obstacles seem insurmountable, remember that you are stronger than your fears and more resilient than your doubts!
Act with determination and belief in yourself, and you will see your dreams manifest piece by piece!

Life is like an unpredictable storm that can sometimes leave us wet and frozen.
But instead of standing in the rain and complaining, learn to dance in the rain!
Use challenges and setbacks as an opportunity to become stronger and improve your skills!
Because in life’s darkest moments, the greatest growth is often hidden!
Be brave, be flexible, and be ready to dance in the rain until the sun breaks through the clouds again!

In each of us burns a fire waiting to be ignited at last!
This fire is our passion, our motivation, our unwavering belief in what is possible.
Ignite this fire and let it drive you, no matter how stormy the sea of life may be.
If you nurture and cultivate your inner fire, you will find the strength and endurance to master every challenge and overcome every obstacle that stands in your way!

Life is not a coincidence, but the result of our decisions and actions!
So don’t be a victim of circumstances, but be the architect of your own destiny!
No matter what obstacles may stand in your way, you have the power to shape your future!
Dream big, set clear goals, and work hard for what you want to achieve!
And at the end of the day, you will realize that life is what you make of it, and that you have the ability to create miracles if you believe in yourself!

Please believe me: Everyone who pursues their dreams must tread the same path as everyone else before them.
It will be hard. It will be extremely hard!
But believe me, it’s worth it!
Celebrate every small success, but climb higher anyway!
Do something for your dreams every day! Learn something new every day! Work consistently to make your visions come true!

And what is also important: Many people don’t know where or how to start.
They dream but are not willing to take the first step.
It really takes the greatest courage to take the first step!
From my own experience, I can tell you that the first step is actually the easiest!
Because what comes your way will be the most terrible ordeal you have ever experienced!
However, it should not deter you from trying!
What does „try“ mean? – Do it!
And if you really have no idea how to start, then you don’t really want it!
Not for nothing is there the saying: „Where there’s a will, there’s a way!“

All that I’m telling you here are true facts.
Anyone who is currently pursuing their dreams or has already reached their goal will agree with me – even if you think some of this is crazy.

If you want to go into the light, you have to go through the darkness first. That’s just true.
No one in this world is born with success.
And if you still don’t believe me, then ask around! Talk to successful people, ask them how their journey to their goal was. None of them will tell you it was easy!

And just to be clear: Being successful doesn’t mean „lots of money and fame“!

Successful are also many people around you whom you don’t really notice!

Let’s take families as an example.
One family has only one child and is often overwhelmed by this child.
Another family has five children, and each child feels the unwavering love of the parents, which every living being on this earth deserves. That’s success!

An example of people suffering from depression.
There are people who sink deep into depression, find no way out, and eventually take their own lives.
And then there are people who sink deep into depression but on an unplanned day suddenly smile heartily and enjoy every second when they don’t think about the negative things in their lives.
That’s success!

And it is precisely these successes that drive people to keep fighting!

With wealth, it’s exactly the same. Wealth is not always material.
Wealth could be love, happiness, security, and so on.

Sometimes you have to look at things a little differently to find the beauty in them!

It’s really important that you never focus on the negative things! Negative thoughts will not only destroy your mind but also your heart and soul. For some people, this even leads to death – which personally breaks my heart.
I know so many people who never see the positive side. Often I can understand it too!
However, at some point, something clicked in my head, and suddenly I saw the positive in all bad situations/things!
And believe me, that gives me incredibly much strength every day! Not just to me, but to many people!

I am the kind of person who tries to show everyone the beautiful things – just like you. It’s really no joke!
In EVERY bad thing, there is ALWAYS something positive!
But often we are just too blind to see it.
Of course, I also have days when nothing goes as planned – but afterwards, I try to see the positive and reflect on some situations.
Often I then realize that I made mistakes. And then it’s up to me not to repeat these mistakes and to make the best of the situation.

So please… Please do me the favor and let your dreams finally come true!
No dream in this world is too crazy!
Everything is possible! Believe in yourself!

Do you have any idea what I have learned about myself when I started walking this path?
There is incredible potential in every person just waiting to be discovered!
You alone can work true wonders if you firmly believe in it!

At the deepest point of darkness, a tiny spark of hope eventually arises in everyone.
This tiny spark of hope accomplishes unimaginable things!

Everyone who has a dream was once a wreck, a misery, trapped in darkness.
But suddenly everything changed, and they started fighting!
They brought all their courage and strength and made the impossible possible!

And what these people can do, you can do just as well!

Don’t think too long, just do it!

Find the meaning of your life!

And when you’ve reached your goal, set yourself a new one!

Remember: Don’t listen to the people who want to hold you back from something. It’s their limit, not yours!

You are capable of so much more than you think!

And every time you’re about to give up, you’re one big step closer to your goal!

Find a drive that strengthens you again and again. For me personally, love is my drive. Love is one of the strongest forces in this world and can achieve incredible things. Without it, I would never have started pursuing my dreams.

So, get started! Live your dream!

And last but not least: Let nothing and no one hold you back!

With love,